Why Ipekyolu

While leading the jewellery world by bringing what is “it” and “trendy” to the market, İpekyolu Silver has been pursuing the aim to support its employees’ skills and career goals.

We know that the success of a company is directly connected to having the people who are aware of the needs of customers and caring about the complacence of its employees. We can say that İpekyolu Silver is a valuable “school” with this awareness of professional development.

We act in accordance with “common sense” philosophy. We care about the ideas of our employees and their opinion when taking a decision as we know that this way we can achieve success.

Our goal is to create a work place where our employees can improve themselves as well as they can feel valued while we support them with promotions to lead them to the better at our company.

In this way, all of our employees are supported on an unlimited and equal basis in order to train our future staff.

Our principles;

  • Without regard to religion, sect, language, race, sex, age, political thought, belief and other differences, equal approach to all our employees,
  • Continuously increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Training human resources who are open to transformation and development,
  • Fair and consistent approach and management based on performance and mutual feedback,
  • Taking all employees’ requests and proposals into account and evaluating them with equal importance,
  • Lean and transparent management understanding, informing and effective communication,
  • Creation of an environment in which employees can best utilize their development capabilities in accordance with their knowledge, skills, abilities and requirements.